GTxcel For Broadcast

GTxcel’s Rayos Platform empowers your teams to create, integrate, and deliver compelling multi-platform content.

GTxcel For Digital Publishers

Retain the beauty and readability of your printed layouts. GTxcel’s easy-to-use Turnstyle Platform creates engaging digital reading experiences for a mobile world.

Providing content creators with innovative digital media solutions through easy-to-use technology and first-class customer support.

– GTxcel Mission Statement

GTxcel For Broadcast

The GTxcel Broadcast Teams, including product, development, support, and training teams, are focused on creating the best solutions for Broadcasters’ newsrooms, sales teams, and digital leaders.

We have leadership with deep roots in the local TV world. We speak your language and understand what drives you.

Let us review your current solution and show you how we can improve your digital workflow and save you money.

“As we transferred from our previous software provider, GTxcel’s staff was able to tackle difficult challenges and provide training that was easy to understand. We really enjoy our scheduled conferences to discuss new updates and tools for broadcast news in an ever-evolving medium.”

– Manda Barger, Evolving Media & Content Manager, WPSDLocal6

GTxcel For Digital Publishing

GTxcel’s Turnstyle Platform provides your readers with an exceptional user experience across all screen sizes and devices with one straightforward process. The Turnstyle Platform gives you the right combination of automation and design control to create a completely responsive digital edition with your branding for web and apps.

Let us show you how we can improve your digital workflow and save you money.