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Turnstyle Responsive Editions

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Beautiful, efficient, monetizable

Go Beyond the Replica to Responsive Design

  • Superior reading experience on all screen sizes
  • Add supplementary content from around the web
  • Sell sponsorships, full screen interstitials, and banners
  • Efficient workflow; automatic layouts ease production
  • Analytics by advertisement and article
  • Sell subscriptions and single issues
  • Available on all app platforms (Apple, Google Play, and Amazon)

Superior Reading Experience

Turnstyle's responsive layouts provide a superior reading experience on all screen sizes, not just large tablets. With Turnstyle, large download sizes and panning and zooming are a thing of the past. Your articles and images display according to screen size.

Efficient Workflow

Turnstyle takes your print edition and transforms it using HTML5 and responsive design. No need to add more staff (or stretch yours thinner) to win on digital. You can publish great looking editions with your existing staff and scale as you find success.

A Premium Buy

Monetize your app with HTML5 interstitials, banners, and sponsorships. If you’re turning a print product into a Turnstyle app, you can select which full page ads are to appear in Turnstyle as interstitials – turning the responsive mobile environment into a premium buy.

Test Drive Turnstyle


Since Turnstyle is based in HTML, you can embed videos, podcasts, and other interactive elements from around the web using our article editor at no extra charge. Add extras like Google Maps, SlideShare, or quick polls to your articles.

Modern Design

Instead of trying to shoehorn the print experience into a tablet, Turnstyle provides a clean, modern reading experience that users love. Your content presents itself on the user's device in a way that's intuitive and personalized to represent your brand.

Lightning Fast Downloads

Responsive editions are lightweight and typically less than 30 seconds to download. Readers have instant access to content from within the app. There's also support for offline reading and push notifications.