Publishing Solutions

GTxcel helps content creators Monetize, Engage, and Get Discovered on Mobile, Tablet and Desktop web.

Build and monetize your brand with Unified Publishing Platform (UPP):

Digital Publishing Solutions from GTxcel

Rivista™ Content Management System

The Rivista™ Web CMS is tailored to magazine publishers yet extensible enough for all kinds of content creators. It's a powerful platform for creating responsive design websites. Add content once and web pages display intuitively on all screen sizes. No pinch and zoom. Monetize with ad serving, native advertising, eCommerce, and geobase directories. Learn more.

Digital Editions

Perfect for publishing digital magazines, digital catalogs, or digital marketing materials. A browser-based, non-Flash solution, the digital delivery of content can be enhanced with rich media, social sharing, banner advertising, email notifications, and subscriber management. Learn more.

Mobile Applications

Be there for your readers, 24x7, on their mobile devices. Thousands of tablets and smartphones are activated each day. Publish content to Apple, Android and Amazon devices. Make the app free, paid, or subscriber managed. Add live feeds and enable push notifications. New “responsive” apps lets publishers package content in new ways and upsell advertisements for mobile. Learn more about Replica Editions or Responsive Editions in mobile apps.


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