Rivista™ Content Management System

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Make Your Website Responsive

Publish a Responsive Design Website

  • Readers enjoy your website on any desktop or mobile device
  • Manage content online through the Rivista™ CMS
  • Articles, images, and ads display beautifully across screens
  • Monetize with banners, sponsored content, event listings, directories, paywall (in beta!)
  • Utilize OpenX or other ad servers
  • Embrace a mobile-first, multi-platform publishing strategy

It's Modular

With Rivista™ you can create different types of content and stylize your website to showcase your brand. Add videos, photo galleries, slideshows, newsletter sign-up forms, and other modules to articles or pages. Use Geobase to create a directory of service providers and feature sponsored listings.

Powerful yet Easy to Use

Rivista™ is a Web CMS that can be accessed anytime through a web browser. Everyone on the publishing team can add and update website content in real-time. Incorporate ad serving, analytics, and other helpful tools to enhance and monetize your web presence.

Responsive Design

Design, edit and publish content once for mobile and desktop devices using the power of HTML5 and responsive design with dynamic page layouts. Reach your readers across screens and provide an optimal website experience for mobile readers.

Grow Ad Revenue

Rivista™ is designed for standard IAB ad placements and ad server integration and tag-based targeting. Let our Ad Operations team do the work for you to manage your ad placements. Get creative with section sponsorship, sponsored articles or even sponsored video channels.

Top of the Town

Top of the Town is a reader loyalty program built on Rivista™ that connects local publishers and advertisers. Readers opt-in to receive special offers for restaurants, hot spots, and retailers. Publishers promote Top of the Town through print, digital, and social media.  

Website Analytics

All Rivista sites are monitored by Google Analytics or can be integrated with a publisher's tracking system of choice to keep tabs on unique visitors, traffic patterns, and time spent on site.

“The entire process of working with GTxcel to create the new LIFE+DOG site was beyond a pleasure. I am so thrilled with the results – our traffic has increased more than 600%! I can’t thank the entire team enough for your speed, expertise, and professionalism.”
Brett Chisholm
Publisher, LIFE+DOG ® Magazine
“I just want to let you know that since the launch of Rivista5, we have seen a 30% increase in traffic to our site, MyNewOrleans.com. I think the combination of the new technology, our new look, great new content generation, a new newsletter, and two terrific teams have all attributed to this success.”
Todd Matherne
Publisher, MyNewOrleans.com
“Using GTxcel's website CMS has been great because it’s totally accessible – no third party needed. We’re averaging 56% new visitors a month and just saw a 10% gain in traffic for June 2012 over June 2011. The clean, modular look is appealing and helps us keep our content fresh. The integrated monetized units provide savings and value to readers – and revenue to us.”
Mark Weber
Director of Sales & Marketing, Outdoor News