For Digital Publishers, GTxcel’s New Content Hub is a Potential Game Changer

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Faced with a growing ecosystem of platforms and distribution channels, digital publishers rely on more sophisticated tools to effectively deliver content and maintain their brand cohesiveness.

If you’re like most digital publishers, you probably maintain a network of content distribution channels. Your digital edition, branded website, blog, video channel, and social media platforms all play an integral part in reaching and growing your audience. Omni-channel publishing is the new normal, so finding the right tools to deliver content and maintain brand cohesiveness is essential.

But delivering content is only part of the equation. The importance of quality and consistency in a reading experience can’t be overstated. Without it, you risk a missed opportunity (or worse, declining subscriptions). What good is having a multi-channel publishing network if the reading experience doesn’t meet the same standards that you expect in your own production process? This is the dilemma many digital publishers have faced. Until now.

Agricultural Aviation

Create Once and Publish Anywhere, Consistently.

The Content Hub was designed from the ground up to be a tool for modern digital publishers, delivering a high-quality and branded reading experience in a flexible, modular framework. You can curate articles from your digital edition and complement them with content and rich media from other channels in your network. This blend of cooperative content gives publishers a platform to increase user engagement, generate new subscribers and establish new advertising opportunities.

As a gateway to your digital edition, the Content Hub is a powerful component of the Turnstyle Publishing Platform. Using Turnstyle’s ability to syndicate articles, RSS feeds can be dynamically generated using any number of categories and filters. Specify single or multiple categories, choose individual issues or an entire collection, or filter cover images and advertisements. The flexibility of dynamic RSS feeds makes it a powerful tool for delivering content to hundreds of compatible web apps and platforms in your network. If content is the fuel that generates subscribers, Turnstyle is the engine that drives them.

Being able to highlight popular and topic-specific articles in the Content Hub along with our suite of back issues has taken GTxcel’s online library to a new level.

Jay Calleja, Managing Editor – Agricultural Aviation

Early Adopters of the Content Hub are Seeing Immediate Benefits

Agricultural Aviation
Agricultural Aviation

Agricultural Aviation, the official magazine of the National Agricultural Aviation Association, immediately saw the value of showcasing evergreen content alongside their issue library.

“Being able to highlight popular and topic-specific articles in the Content Hub along with our suite of back issues has taken GTxcel’s online library to a new level,” says Jay Calleja, managing editor of Agricultural Aviation magazine. “The ability to place a limited number of ads within it will also enable us to monetize the Content Hub.”

This flexibility lends itself ideally to creating a synergy between the Content Hub and other digital properties in your portfolio.

“Since the career section is one of the most heavily trafficked parts of our association’s website, I created a category to group career-oriented Agricultural Aviation articles together,” says Calleja. “I added the ‘Career Advice’ tag to all of the relevant articles in our current issue. Once I [add them to back issues], all of our Career Advice articles will be accessible straight from the Content Hub.” Calleja also uses dynamic RSS feeds on the association’s website, as well as to generate content for their member newsletter.

Publishers with a considerably large number of documents in their collection have also seen significant improvements in page performance. In one case, an archive going back to 1912—nearly 900 issues—saw an improvement of over 130%, greatly reducing reader abandon rates.

Thinking Ahead

As digital publishing technology continues to rapidly evolve, it’s now easier and more affordable than ever to publish and deliver content to a mass audience. We see more people, on a greater number of devices, and at a much younger age consuming content. Our role as a publishing platform is critical to the success and resiliency of our partners, helping them future-proof their business in this ever-changing landscape.

The Content Hub is the latest component of the Turnstyle Publishing Platform, which we continue to improve upon while remaining cognizant of the needs of our publishing partners. New features and improvements are always developed with certain principles in mind, such as web accessibility, reading experience, device agnosticism and data & reporting.

We can’t wait to see how our partners integrate the Content Hub into their content strategy, and look forward to the amazing feedback they reliably provide.