Publishers Need Continuity During Print Channel Disruptions

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When conventional distribution channels become disrupted, Turnstyle can provide continuity, delivering your content, and providing peace of mind.

There’s little doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the digital publishing landscape. Supply chain disruptions and reduced ad spending have forced publishers to take a hard look at their short and long-term digital strategies. As the industry navigates these uncharted waters, we understand the needs of our publishers are drastically different than they were just a short time ago.

The Anatomy of Disruption

Publishers with siloed print and digital content channels are more likely to be severely impacted by disruption than those who have a contingency plan for maintaining continuity. Even with a well-established digital footprint, the potential of losing print revenue is exacerbated by the inability of delivering a print reading experience to those willing to pay for it.

Siloed print and digital distribution channels
Figure 1: An example of siloed print and digital distribution channels.

When a disruption is introduced to the print channel, publishers are prevented from delivering to newsstands, retailers, or homes and become cut off from a premium source of revenue. Many of those readers will turn to the web in search of a high-value substitute. However, even with a website that has content from the same contributors, it’s almost impossible to provide the same “lean-back” experience that they were willing to pay for on a printed page.

a disrupted print distribution channel
Figure 2: The print channel becomes disrupted

An Innovative Solution

The Turnstyle publishing platform acts as a conduit between the two channels and creates a new, hybrid distribution point that delivers an exceptional reading experience while maintaining the print-like motif.

the print channel reopened by Turnstyle
Figure 3: Turnstyle reopens the print channel

Turnstyle’s content extraction process makes it possible to deliver responsive articles from the printed document alongside replica-styled pages, giving readers the option to choose the reading experience they prefer. It also gives publishers the ability to syndicate their content to any distribution point within their channel or introduce it to new platforms such as Apple News.

Delivering Peace of Mind

With the knowledge that their publishing strategy can withstand disruptions in distribution, publishers can focus their valuable resources on creating and distributing content on an innovative and powerful platform. We at GTxcel view ourselves as a publishing partner and take pride in the success of our publishers. We’ll continue to innovate based on industry and technology trends, and from feedback from our partners.