Predicting Audience Behavior

Predicting Reader Behavior with Publisher Analytics

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Predicting changes in reader behavior is the key to a successful audience development strategy.

Sudden shifts in audience behavior, like those caused by the recent COVID-19 pandemic, can be unpredictable, dramatic and affect all aspects of your publishing ecosystem. More predictable changes, such as those based on technology or infrastructure improvements, typically occur gradually and over longer periods of time. Either way, publishers who are familiar enough with their readers will have a baseline from which to measure those changes and make adjustments if necessary. Whether the changes are sudden or gradual, being able to detect them depends on your ability to measure and interpret the data.

Analytics Tools Engineered for Publishers

Most tracking and analytics platforms were built to measure traffic on websites, and with some customization could be used for digital editions. Turnstyle’s custom analytics dashboard was built from the ground up specifically for digital editions and gives you deep insight into reader engagement metrics.

Our analytics tools are engineered to meet the requirements of most digital publishers. Smaller teams can easily access key performance indicators, enhanced geographic reporting, or comprehensive video tracking data and export them with a couple of clicks.

A view from Turnstyle’s Analytics dashboard

Analytics Delivered to Your Inbox

We know you understand the importance of analytics, but logging into the dashboard every month can become burdensome, especially for publishers that don’t have a dedicated marketing team. That’s why we’ve created an email digest that gets delivered at the beginning of every month. It will include all of the metrics publishers find important, with a link to a downloadable CSV for your convenience.

Publishers with more than one title can enjoy the same digest in a “rollup” format – consolidating the data from all of your titles in an easy-to-read format.

Third-Party Integrations

For those with broader data requirements, your analytics can be synced with many third-party platforms. If you utilize enterprise-level customer success, data warehousing, or business intelligence services and they have an API, you should definitely check with your dedicated success team.

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