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Turnstyle's adaptive content engine delivers a deeper, more engaging user experience that helps publishers adapt and thrive in the digital age
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See how our cloud-based publishing platform can transform your content into a responsive reading experience.

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Turnstyle automatically renders static documents — including PDFs — into responsive, easy-to-consume interactive articles. Integrate your logo, fonts and colors so that your brand is recognizable across all platforms and devices. Convert your print ads to digital, create new ad inventory or coordinate with an existing online ad campaign



Deliver a consistent, accessible (WCAG 2.0) reading experience through multiple channels of distribution. Leverage push notifications for important updates, or send articles to other platforms via RSS.

Deliver Drive


Engage readers with attention-grabbing layouts using templates. Seamlessly embed responsive video for viewing on desktop and mobile devices. Highlight featured stories or sponsored content, or revisit evergreen content from your archives. Share articles on social media platforms.



Track, analyze, and report on user engagement through our robust analytics dashboard. Make data-driven decisions to improve your content and monetization strategies.


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“One of our major goals is to save money by converting print readers to digital readers. Subscribe for free and have the magazine delivered straight to your device(s) for each of the next 12 months.”

David Wight, Online Editor, Costco

“Diving headfirst into the digital publishing arena felt too daunting until we connected with GTxcel. GTxcel has been very accessible and a full partner as we make the important, upfront decisions to display our best work in a whole new format.”

John Sofis Scheft, Esq./Principal, Law Enforcement Dimensions, LLC

“As the world becomes increasingly reliant on online resources for information, we knew that we had to leverage our collateral online to maximize our marketing investments. Xerox offered the perfect solution with its digital publishing capabilities. The finished documents are interactive, display dynamically across devices, and deliver content that impacts in ways print alone could not. Best of all, we are able to reach our audience in a highly efficient and affordable format, which allows us to allocate resources to other objectives.”

Dan Gaines, Associate Director of Marketing, MBA and MS Programs - Krannert School of Management

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